Path Description
loader/browser/client.js A script usable in a <script> tag that bootstraps the SLIME loader system as inonit.loader
$api (Provided by the name $api to all code loaded by inonit.loader; also available as inonit.loader.$api in top-level scripts) JavaScript language constructs.


SLIME provides a number of APIs that are pure JavaScript (not including Java calls), and hence can be used in a browser.
Path Description
js/object/ Further JavaScript language constructs.
js/document/ XML and HTML documents.
js/web/ Web-related concepts like URLs and form data.
js/time/ Dates and times.
js/promise/ Asynchronous programming using A+-like Promises.


Path Description
loader/api/unit.js The SLIME unit testing API
loader/api/api.html.js SLIME HTML definition files
loader/browser/test/module.js Browser implementations for the SLIME unit testing API
loader/api/ui/loader.js A bundle including the above two APIs, as well as a UI for executing unit tests
jsh/unit/plugin.jsh.browser.js Implements currently undocumented API that allows definition files to be executed in a browser.
loader/browser/test/suite.jsh.js and loader/browser/test/suite.bash jsh script that launches a browser test suite (or an individual definition file).