Running jsh

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(launcher)Running jsh

The jsh API

Namespace Description
$api JavaScript utilities
jsh.loader jsh loader
jsh.js JavaScript language constructs
jsh.js.web URLs and HTML forms Java host objects Java logging interface Java-related tools: compilation, JAR Stream-based input and output
jsh.file Filesystem API APIs for interacting with the surrounding system, including web browsers
jsh.script jsh.script
jsh.ip Internet Protocol (IP)
jsh.http HTTP client
jsh.js.document js/document
jsh.document js/document (Java)
jsh.time jsh.time

HTTP server

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(servlets) SLIME servlets
jsh.httpd jsh Servlet plugin


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jsh.ui User interfaces, including password prompt


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jsh.db APIs for connecting to databases


SLIME blends the concept of documentation and testing: documentation describing behavior and the tests for conformance with that behavior are bundled into a single format called a definition.
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(testing) SLIME testing constructs (suites, parts, scenarios, verifiers)
(api.html) HTML format for definitions and tools associated with processing HTML definitions
jsh.unit APIs for running tests within jsh.
jsh/test/suite.jsh.js Script for running jsh-based suites and definitions.

Extending jsh

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(plugins)Interface for creating jsh plugins


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APIs for installing software and APIs and programs for installing jsh shell extensions: Rhino, GraalVM, Tomcat, Kotlin, the ncdbg Nashorn debugger, JSoup, JavaMail, the PostgreSQL JDBC driver, JS-YAML, and Node.js.* Programs for interacting with external software; includes for Mercurial, for Git, and for external installations of Node.js.
(installers) Installation programs which add libraries to jsh
(tools) Command-line tools for developing and packaging jsh-related software


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(provisioning) Description of the provisioning API.